Work In Progress

Here’s a rundown of the stories I’m working on now.

The Holocene Event (16,742 words, 20% complete) – When an alien race attempts to help Earth clean up its environment, they end up destroying it instead. Most of the world’s population is wiped out in a single day. Those few remaining decide to join the aliens and search for a new world to rebuild the human race. M/F/M/F

Going Viral (14,693 words, 30% complete) – Zac and Cam have been best friends for a long time. One bad date, a poorly thought-out rescue, and the resulting viral video showcasing a fake proposal help Zac and Cam realize that maybe they are more than just best friends. M/M

The Wedding Dress (23,712 words, 15% complete) – When a complete stranger proposes to Lucy in front of a bridal shop, she throws caution to the wind and accepts. How can two perfect strangers make a whirlwind marriage work? Lucy and Beau are about to find out. M/F

Magic in the Moonlight sequel (0 words, 3,000 page outline, 0% complete) – a sequel to my previously written story, Magic in the Moonlight, newly-mated werewolves Kimber and Evan must deal with Levi, the vampire king, when a prophecy is revealed that involves all three of them coming together to defeat a new evil. M/F/M