Girl Friday Stories

When I first started writing, back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I posted on a couple of websites that specialized in erotica. One of them is now defunct and the other requires you to sign up for a membership.

Honestly, it’s a little wild over there and I’m not comfortable sending nice people like you there to read my early stories. So, I’m posting them here. If you enjoy them (or even if you don’t) please send me an email through the “Say Hello!” tab and let me know.

Please keep in mind, all of these stories contain adult content and are not safe for work. These stories feature M/F pairings.


Vignettes – These are one shot stories without much of a plot, just meant to be fun.

Good Morning, Babe  – A morning phone call, a blow job, a little experiment in second person.

The Game – A game of poker, a bet, and two people having a whole lot of fun!

The Tease  – A married couple share a little fun in the middle of the night.

Interlude  – When a chance comment sparks a really fun dream.

Always & Forever  – Trigger warning: Death of a loved one, suicide. This is not a happy story. Another experiment in second person.

Short Stories – These won’t take you long to read, maybe an hour or so.

Christmas at the Beach – a fun little story about a vacation during Christmas.

Friends & Lovers – When old friends Lindsay and Josh run into each other on the street, sparks fly. Throw in a threesome, an idiot brother, and an adorable kitten for all the feels.

The General – When 30 year-old Samantha goes back to college, she earns a unique nickname after a naughty game of ‘Truth or Dare’. This was my first story.

Modern Day Fairy Tale – Kasia has fallen in love with her best friend and his wife. She thinks it’s all a bit hopeless, but is it?

Point of View – Amy and Curt have very different points of view. Can they work things out or are they done forever?

Reunion – Cat has a secret. When Luke comes back into her life, will he ever forgive her for the choices she’s made? (This story easily out paces the others for downloads and positive fan mail.)

Longer Works – These two stories are posted on WattPad.

Magic in the Moonlight – Lauren’s life changes in the blink of an eye. A horrific attack introduces her into the world of vampires and werewolves, forcing her to leave her old life behind. Change isn’t easy, but with her new pack and Evan by her side, she’s determined to succeed. This was a NaNoWriMo project and at 67,000 words, will take a bit to read.

Stranger in the Dark – When the lights go out at a college party, Tessa receives the kiss of a lifetime from a stranger in the dark. But who was the mystery man that kissed her senseless? This story is a short novella.